The Dream Center Leadership Program is for young adults ages 18 to 25. For 10 months, students have the opportunity to engage in leadership and discipleship classes, dive-in to intensive Biblical studies, serve the community through our weekly City Missions, and work hand-in-hand with our staff to help coordinate and lead weekend services.

First Year Students will serve in many different ministry areas which will allow their natural gifts and talents to be brought to the surface. They will also complete an intense and comprehensive New Testament Survey, giving an extensive knowledge of the entire New Testament along with other Biblical and leadership curriculum.

Second Year Students will take the discoveries made in the their first year and, while still participating in City Missions and weekend services, they will have the option to focus on a specific ministry. This, coupled with biblical and leadership studies, will prepare the student to lead in every aspect of their life. They will apply their experiences in leading and mentoring first year students.

Throughout the Week, Students Participate In :: 

Church Ministry :: The Dream Center is a Non-Profit and a Church. Our Leadership Program is a major component in the life of the church. Students will have the opportunity to serve on various ministry teams to help prepare, plan, and execute Sunday services and other weekend activities.

Devotionals :: Devotional time allows students to be encouraged in their everyday walk with God. They will have an opportunity to share about the work that God is doing in their lives as well as specific scripture that is on their heart. Throughout the year, we work through the Proverbs and discover scripture using Lectio Davina study methods.

Team Prayer :: Team Prayer is a time that builds the students' faith as they pray with and for one another's needs. We get to share the weight of everything from family life to financial battles, and we get to celebrate the victories of broken addicitons and answered prayers.

Biblical Studies :: Students will be challenged in their understanding and knowledge of the Bible through New and Old Testament Survey classes, Lectio Divina studies, and personal study. Students will be encouraged to dive deep into the Word and study it's application into everyday life.

Leadership Classes :: Each week, students will have the opportunity to learn from one of our Pastors or staff members about various topics such as The Armour of God, Spiritual and Emotional Health, Sexual Management, Honor, and so much more. These classroom-style lectures give students to chance to learn, share, and ask questions in a safe and encouraging environment.

City Missions :: Every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday our students get to serve at our City Missions sites. While out in the community, students get to build relationships with countless people as they use simple handouts to bless their families. Throughout the year, we will also host larger community events through which we are able to bless families with the oppotunity to come together in a safe and enjoyable way.

Community Groups :: The Church is more than a place - it is a community to belong to. Community Groups are where those relationships are built. Students will get to participate in Community Groups within the church community each semester.

Dream Center Ministry Track Opportunities ::
-City Missions
-Children's Ministry
-Worship Ministry
-Media Production
-Facilities & Decorations
-Audio & Video Engineering
-Guest Services
-Community Groups