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Title:  Change Your Brain                    Series: Brain Games

Teacher:  Joanna Stanberry                Date: July 7, 2013

Description: Do you ever feel stuck in your mind? You have bad habits you can't break, anxious or depressing thoughts in areas of your life? Do you need a breakthrough? Learn 3 steps to jumpstart the renewing of the mind (plus a 2 minute lifehack for more confidence!)

Key Scriptures:  Romans 12:2John 20:21James 5:16

Message Notes

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Additional Resources: The Ted talk and the book referenced in the message is available below.


Broaden and Build Theory

Resources for understanding depression: 

Center for Disease Control

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Cross Ministry Group

Who is the Holy Spirit?  

Listen Here: The Holy Spirit, Pastor Mike Turrigiano, NYC Vineyard

y: Joanna Stanberry

First some quotes that didn't make it in:

How a broken heart gets cut off from the life of God

Of course it will seem that we wrestle with our thoughts for too long, As long as we are depending on our own thoughts, the anguish will continue. Only when we are finally reduced to the point of helplessness, the realization that we will never be able to deal with our loneliness or grief by ourselves, will we give in to unfailing love-chesedh- and let God bring to us the gifts of his love. When we finally let God be God-for-us and participate in his plans willingly, we can discover the Joy of them.

Marva DawnI'm Lonely, Lord-- How Long?: Meditations on the Psalms

On Grieving the Holy Spirit

We grieve him yet more if we indulge in outward acts of sin. Then is he sometimes so grieved that he takes his flight for a season, for the dove will not dwell in our hearts if we take loathsome carrion in there.

Charles Spurgeon

This is a meditation I wrote after preaching...

Broken and beloved.

It's a truth doesn't clamor for our attention. It whispers, beckons, it woos us.

There are so many other truths that make up our identity--truths about where we come from and where we want to go, truths about what we wear and what we eat, truth in the very real possibility that something terrible could happen in our lives, and everything we love could taken away.

The truth that we are broken and beloved does not fight to the top of those noisy realities. It is often just a whisper.

I think about Marva Dawn's description of God's power--it is like grass pushing up and up through the pavement, breaking through concrete with its delicate life.

Isn't this how God renews our mind? With whispers, with wooing, and with his powerful and strong and beautiful and delicate life?

If we pause long enough, it even has the power to break the concrete of our lives--our pride and our pain, our addictions and our isolation, our poverty and our procrastination.

A hard heart, and a broken heart, are both cut off from the life of God.

Choose friendship with him, and reject the fear that He is not enough.