Shad: A Story of Purpose

New York City is a place known for new beginnings, a place for families and individuals to start again. Chasing this hope, Shad and his family moved to New York City in 2014.


Having been born in Tennessee and raised in the Philippines until moving to Los Angeles at age 7, Shad has experienced a lot in his 19 years.

Of those years, 2018 has been the most formative yet.

After attending Dream Center Church in NYC for a little over three years, this summer Shad joined our team to dig water wells in Zambia. “I had a taste of what serving felt like in Zambia and I wanted more of it.” Shad said reflecting on his first missions trip. Soon after the trip to Zambia Shad looked for every way to get involved at our City Missions events and our church service, devoting his entire summer before college to volunteering in his city. Even saying, “I feel like I have found my passion, serving people.”

Shad wasn’t just a volunteer but part of our family and he knew no matter what he had a place at the Dream Center. “Whenever I need them, they are there to support me.” Shad said as he talked about his relationship with our staff and students.

After having moved across the country for a new beginning, Shad found so much more, saying “Being a part of everything Dream Center does gives me purpose, and now I can glorify God through serving with them.”

Shad we are thankful for you and other young people like you who have devoted their time to serving God and their neighbors. Our volunteer family would not be the same without you.