Rose: A Story of Family

Rose is a true New Yorker, born and raised. No matter how hard things have gotten she has stayed true to her city - her home. Rose was not only raised as a New Yorker, but also as a member of the Catholic church. Rose’s background allowed her to experience the vibrance of christian community until things took a turn for the worst.

Rose was hurt deeply by the church and was left broken, angry, and wanting nothing to do with God, that was, until ten years ago.

Dream Center NYC was first connected to Rose through our Visits program over 6 years ago. Each week we helped clean, paint, and accomplish other tasks around Rose’s home. At first, Rose kept our team at a distance. But, after many weeks of consistency, she began to open herself up to God’s love for the first time in years. “If the Pastor could paint my bathroom four Sundays in a row, I could give church a try.” And she did just that. Rose began attending our church and God began to restore what had been broken years before. What previously kept her isolated from the community melted away. Her hope and joy was being restored. Rose began volunteering as an Adopt-A-Block leader in her community to share the same compassion she had found. Today, she not only continues to serve her neighbors throughout the week, but also loves volunteering to host the Coffee Bar at our church on Sunday mornings. Rose is not just part of our Visits program, but a leader in her community and a friend to many.

It is our privilege to serve Rose and so many others.