Marylse: A Story of Faithfulness

The path to God’s dream for each of us is anything but predictable. God doesn’t just bless our successes, but He redeems our failures too. He works everything together to draw us closer to his plan for our lives.

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This hope is one that Marlyse has had to grip onto many times in her life. A hope that traveled and grew with her from her home in Florida to Texas as she chased the call of God.

This truth even walked with her through the pains that would follow. “As a teenager I made decisions which resulted in losing an internship at a ministry in Texas. Ashamed, I returned back home to Florida knowing one thing: God told me to work with inner city communities.” With this new sense of purpose Marlyse became a full time inner city missionary at the Tampa Dream Center.

Years later, in 2012, Marlyse and her husband, Brett, moved to New York City and, with the call to inner city ministry still on her heart, Marlyse jumped right in at Dream Center NYC.

Eventually, Marlyse was hired on as our City Missions Director where she served faithfully for 4 years. She and her husband lived and thrived in their new home until they “hit a hard financial wall in 2016. No rope was getting us over and it was very slippery. Brett’s company cut his salary… [until] a number of months later they completely laid him off. With our savings gone, we hit that wall hard.”

Circumstances did not line up like Marlyse thought they would, but she did not give up hope. Marlyse and Brett continued to be faithful with their finances and obeyed when God asked them to give out of their lack. They obeyed when times were unpredictable.

“The Lord has carried us along the way.” Marlyse said recounting the way God was faithful to them. Brett now works in management at a thriving tech company and Marlyse is a program director in education for children experiencing poverty. God continues to use their successes and failures to draw them closer to His dream for them.

Marlyse, we are thankful for your leadership. Thank you for being an example of faithfulness and choosing to partner with us in helping others realize their God given dreams.