Jenny: A Story of Community Restored

Harlem is full of many unsung heroes. Hundreds of men and women from all backgrounds commit their lives to serving their neighbors in the name of mercy and justice. These men and women not only work to change lives, but save them too.


Jennifer is one of these amazing people.

Jennifer, or as her community lovingly calls her, Ms. Jenny has served as a teacher and director at a community center in Harlem for 5 years. In those years she has given hope and opportunity to hundreds of children experiencing poverty in her neighborhood. “I have worked for lawyers, publishing companies, teaching… and those were not things that made me happy…[but} I was happy teaching here” Jenny said as she remembered the impact her work had on one young man’s life. But Jenny’s impact extends past her work in the community center. Jenny impacts her community through us as well. Because of her position, Jenny was able to help give opportunities to our team at Dream Center NYC so that we might enter into and serve her community. Jenny helped open a door for us to love on our neighbors.

Because of Jenny and her coworkers we are able to partner with long established programs in Harlem and better serve New York for generations to come. We could not be more thankful for Jenny and the many unsung heroes like her. Thank you for opening the door for our team and trusting us to love your community well.