We know the deepest changes and strongest connections of life happen within community. It's something we learned from day one serving New York City. We refuse to simply 'make friends.' This summer, you have the exciting chance to build, develop, and strengthen community in parts of the city that need it most! You can turn friendships into family. Join us. Change the world... one community at a time. Partner with us to fundraise for community events throughout the summer, help those in need, and build family in the city.

Check out some of the incredible community events we are hosting this summer!


Special City Missions Events

Each Summer we pack out our schedule with special City Missions programs to engage new community members and further offer dignity to our current family. From an All American Day celebrating the Fourth of July, to a Family Fun Day Carnival connecting families to other social services in their communities, we do everything we can to capitalize on the warm New York summers. Each ‘Special Adopt-A-Block’ costs $100 to host above and beyond regular serving costs. Please consider partnering with us to sponsor one of these events!


3-On-3 Basketball Tournament

Nothing builds community or the feeling of family like team sports. When individuals strive together for a common goal they create a unique bond. This form of community was the goal in 2016 when the Dream Center NYC held its first 3-on-3 basketball tournament for underserved youth. Last year was such a success at creating family we knew we had to double our efforts! This year we will be hosting two 3-on-3 tournaments, one in the neighborhood of Chelsea and one in East Harlem. Every attendee and player will receive a free meal and snacks throughout the event. The teams will be competing for prizes sponsored by you! Each tournament costs $1600 to host. Please consider partnering with us to sponsor these events!


Back to School Backpack Giveaway

Going back to school is one of the most exciting times of year! But this excitement can come with a huge financial burden. Every year families have to find a way to provide school supplies to each of their children regardless of if they can afford to do so or not. In response to this need the Dream Center NYC hosts a Back to School Bash every year. We strive to ensure that no child in the communities we reach will go to school under-equipped. But we don’t just supply backpacks stuffed with school supplies and other school prep services, but we have a blast doing it! We do everything we can to make sure each family that comes to our Back to School Bash leaves prepared for the coming school year and beaming with joy. This year we will be hosting two Back to School Bashes. One will be held in the community of Chelsea and one in the neighborhood of East Harlem. Each of these events costs $2000 to host. Help build families while supporting education! Become a fundraising partner today!


Summer Movie Night

There are few things more iconic about summer than blockbusters at the movies. This summer you can build family with us by sponsoring an outdoor movie night that will be offered in the community of Chelsea free of charge. All attendees will receive free hot dogs, snow cones, and popcorn to make the family movie experience complete and truly dignifying. This event cost $900 to host. You can partner with us to create this experience!