2015 APPLICATIONS

The Dream Center is strategically located in the most well known, exciting and diverse city in the United States; New York City.  This provides us optimal opportunity to effect culture locally, nationally, and even on a global level.  Our goal is to inspire and equip leaders to thrive in life and ministry.  Students of the Dream Center Leadership Program will build life-long friendships while getting hands-on, practical and effective leadership training designed to impact the world around them.  This is the ideal setting for young leaders as you begin to discover your calling; whether you want to pursue full time ministry, business, the entertainment industry, or you simply have a desire to be mission minded in every day life.  Our desire is that students would live a fulfilled and purposed life seeking truth and living out the life God dreams you to have.  We believe every Christian has been given a mission to "go into all the world and preach the gospel unto every nation." Matthew 28:19.  This mission is not designated to those called to pastor only, but rather is a call to everyone and anyone who believes.  This Leadership Program provides a foundation for your life and ministry.