This Sunday we finally moved into our new venue in Chelsea! It was an incredible time of worship and a great message from Pastor Brad that left everybody leaving with a sense of unbelievable anticipation for what the rest of the fall, and what the future in general holds for the Dream Center. 

The NYC LAB SCHOOL seats over three times as many people as Chelsea Clearview Cinema does, so we are currently having one Sunday morning service, at 11am. This way the whole church family can be together each week, connect together, and go out to eat together after service if they want.

We love the new location, 333 W. 17th Street between 8th & 9th. There are tons of amazing restaurants nearby, and even a great little park for the kids to play at right across the street.  

Dream Kids was better than ever, meeting in the school gym we were able to have an amazing time of worship and a lesson, in addition to letting the kids play harder than ever before on a Sunday morning. 

Please invite a friend and join us next week, as Pastor Brad kicks off his new series "What does Jesus say about ________?" This series will be focused on the red letters of the bible, and what Jesus actually says about the topics that people often wonder about. It will be a great opportunity to invite your friends, and let them see what the church is actually about, what it is for, and a clear presentation of what we believe according to the words of Jesus.



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