Good Evening!

We as a church are excited to be stepping into a new and fresh season this Fall. One of the things we are most looking forward to is launching a new venue for our Chelsea service!

For over two years now we have been so grateful for the space that Clearview Cinemas has provided for us. However as we have grown, we realize some of the limitations we face in wanting to continue to grow and move forward. Some of these limitations include providing an adequate Dream Kid’s space, a better atmosphere in the lobby, the privacy of having our own space, and the ability to socialize with each other after service rather than rushing to tear down. Because of these limitations, we have been in the process of searching for a more suitable space to call home. And we believe we’ve found it!

Just a few blocks away on 17th Street & 8th Avenue we have found a school that offers a venue that seats 600 people, enabling us to continue to grow, giving us a place that will be ours and ours alone on Sunday mornings, a great lobby area, and classrooms for Dream Kids. The space will allow us to accommodate more people on Sundays, more time after service to visit and mingle with each other as well as our guests and those who are new to the Lord. This new space would be such a blessing to us and the mission we feel called to accomplish in our city.

Thankfully, the school is significantly cheaper than what we pay now at the theater. However, due to state laws we are required to pay four months in advance. The total cost of the new venue is a little over $9,000 up-front, making it $2250 per month. The rent at Clearview Cinemas is $3800 per month. This will ultimately save us $1550 per month to continue strengthening the church, our vision, and being rent-free until the New Year.    

To make this happen we felt led to ask all of our church partners to come alongside us, give above your tithes and offerings, and help us raise the money to secure this new venue. We believe the Lord has provided us with an opportunity to call a new place home and grow His church. 
You can help us move into our new Chelsea home by conveniently donating online at New York Dream Center and by clicking “Chelsea Venue” on the drop-down box.

We would like to personally thank all of you for your consistent generosity!

Pastor Brad & Stella Reed