The good news that God has entered the world in Jesus Christ to achieve a salvation that we could not achieve for ourselves is the central hub of all our learning environments. The gospel is the power of God for salvation (Rom. 1:16) and becomes the dynamic for all heart-change, life-change, and social-change.  This gospel dynamic shapes what we know about our calling, becomes the motivation to fruitfully serve and share this gospel with others, and transforms us to become lovers of the city where God has strategically placed us.  


The gospel then is not just about individual happiness and fulfillment, it is about the coming of God’s kingdom to renew everything.  What does it mean to seek the peace and welfare of the city?  Serving our city through mercy and justice initiatives as well as helping individuals integrate their faith and work.  


We need churches everywhere there are people.  With more than half of the world’s population living in global urban centers,  it is becoming more and more paramount for the church to make global cities a priority for ministry.   New York City with its diversity, economic disparity, and complexity provides a context that requires deeper learning, skill development and breadth of appeal in your ministry to reach your community


Our “calling” is often misunderstood as a simple Christian synonym for what we do.  This program looks at calling from multiple vantage points.  The gospel shows us that our identity is rooted in the fact that we are children of God empowered by the Spirit to freely obey.  God has given us a specific set of spiritual gifts, passions, abilities, personality type, and experiences to accomplish His will in the city.


“Preach the gospel, use words when necessary.”  Though this statement highlights the importance of our everyday actions, it can also damage the biblical priority for sharing the gospel and the need for personal evangelism.  Evangelism in cities requires a deeper level of contextualization and cultural understanding than more homogenous suburban areas of the world.  The need for a variety of gospel presentations is imperative for those living in very dense and diverse places.  We cover basic apologetics, honest evangelistic approaches, preaching/communication, and the growing art of coaching others in the gospel.