Going Pro

From Brandon's website:

I’m on the leadership team at Champions Centre, my home church since I was roughly a one year old. Kevin Gerald is my pastor, and I count it the honor of a lifetime to serve on a team as dynamic and thriving as ours.

I serve as an ambassador of our house, working with great churches all over the country that share our DNA and heart to reach people for Christ. When I’m home, serve as Site Development Director, helping guide and build our culture and leadership between all our locations.  I’m also part of the teaching team on weekends, message planning team, and faculty at Champions Centre College.

I have a personal conviction that the greatest need facing local churches today is stronger and better leaders.  So, I’m here to help.

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Pastor Brandon Stewart starts "Going Pro" and discusses why increasing our capacity is important. 

Pastor Brandon Stewart continues "Going Pro" by speaking on aligning with the vision of the church. 

Pastor Brandon Stewart concludes "Going Pro" by discussing how we can own the vision of the church and why its beneficial.