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All of our City Missions are based around two goals that we strive to meet every week: building relationships and showing consistency to the people of New York City. There are currently three subsections of our City Missions. Adopt-A-Block, Restore and Residential Assistance. 



Adopt-A-Block began as a simple hand-out ministry in 2010 and has become a full community courtyard party and bread giveaway event that happens twice weekly. We provide household items, hygiene products, clothes and baked goods. We also have a children's program going on during our Adopt-A-Block. Our goal is to meet the needs and love on the people living in NYCHA apartment buildings surrounding the area. 


Our Restore event is a program geared towards the transient and homeless community in East Harlem. We currently have one location that we serve every week. At Restore we give away food, water, summer clothes, winter clothes, hygiene items, and information about soup kitchens and reputable shelters. We also put up chairs to provide a comfortable place to rest and eat, and that gives us the opportunity to talk and pray with them. We serve roughly 100-120 people a week. The goal of this event is to make people who have lost everything feel like a king or a queen by serving them and talking to them. 


Residential assistance is a program where we go into homes of people throughout New York City twice weekly. Many of them are elderly and unable to clean or shop for themselves and some just needs someone to listen to them. We help people clean, organize, do laundry and shop. We see the same faces every week, some faces twice a week. This program truly exemplifies our mission statement "to serve people right where they are to where God dreams for them to be". 


We would love to have you come join us in serving our communities. Scroll down to see a list of locations and times to get involved. 

Times & Locations



Courtyard next to 415 W 25th St
Between 9th & 10th Ave

4 PM - 5 PM
*Volunteers arrive at 3:30 PM

11 AM - 12 PM
*Volunteers arrive at 10:30 AM 


124th St. between Lexington & 3rd Ave

3:00 PM - 4:3O PM
*Volunteers arrive at 2:45 PM