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a family support program tailored to families residing in public housing communities.

By throwing block parties and holding free weekly community markets ­we are able to provide families with much needed household goods while showing our neighbors the respect and dignity they deserve. Creating a fun “block party” atmosphere gives space for relationships to build, humanity to thrive, and true community to form. 

Wagner Adopt-A-Block
E. 122nd St. + 1st Ave.
Thursdays, 4-5 PM
*Volunteers arrive at 3:15 PM

Kings Adopt-A-Block
2 W. 115th St.
Fridays, 4-5 PM
*Volunteers arrive at 3:15 PM

Elliot-Chelsea Adopt-A-Block
415 W. 25th St.
Thursdays, 4-5 PM
*Volunteers arrive at 3:15 PM

Fulton Adopt-A-Block
419 W. 17th St.
Saturdays, 4-5 PM
*Volunteers arrive at 3:15 PM, 415 W. 25th St.

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an immediate need­-based program that primarily serves our neighbors experiencing homelessness.

Temporary relief stations are set up throughout the city where hot meals, clothing, personal hygiene items, blankets, prayer, and referrals to emergency shelters and other programs are provided. This program not only meets the needs of our most vulnerable neighbors, but also provides resources so that all New Yorkers may have the opportunity to pursue their dreams.

Harlem Restore
E. 124th St. + Lexington Ave.
Fridays, 5-6 PM
*Volunteers arrive at 4:15 PM

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a program that connects volunteers to clients throughout the city and facilitates weekly visits to their homes.

Visits serves predominantly the elderly community and single parent families.  Each in­-home visit is sculpted to fit the needs of each particular client. These visits range from something as simple as sitting around and having a conversation or meeting a tangible need,  to deep ­cleaning the client’s home. Each day thousands of our lonely neighbors go unseen, but our visits program is working to change that.

Our Visits program runs weekly Thursday through Saturday, 1 to 3 PM.

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A weekly community dinner hosted right in our community neighborhoods.

Dinner parties serve to give our neighbors the opportunity to come together and build authentic, healthy community. Our next Community Dinner Party season launches February/ March 2019!

Wagner Dinner Party
Information Coming Soon

Kings Towers Dinner Party
Information Coming Soon

Elliott Chelsea Dinner Party
Information Coming Soon

Fulton Dinner Party
Information Coming Soon