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John 3:16

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” 

Outward Expression of an Inward Affection

I remember clearly the night my husband and I told one another we loved each other for the first time. It was magical! We couldn't stop saying it. It felt so amazing to hear and to vocalize those words. It was just gushing out of us. Everyone around could sense and see the love. AHHH such a special time in our lives. But what if that was the only time we thought we needed to say it or express our love toward each other? That it’s just something we feel inward and it’s kept there. That we didn't need to express it anymore. Well lets just say I don't think we would have made it to 12 years of marriage. Ha! I don’t think we would have even made it to the wedding date with that mind set. 

Friends, if we are not careful it’s easy to treat the Lord that way. We give him the last of our day, the crumbs of our finances, and a "don't you dare cause me to look silly in expressing my love” mindset for the Lord. When it all boils down, LOVE IS EXPRESSED. I used to say every week when I was a youth pastor, “worship is an outward expression of an inward affection.” When you truly LOVE you can’t help but express it. You want to scream it from the rooftops!!! 

What better example of that than God? According to John 3:16, God so loved the world he gave His only son for all man kind. Then Jesus expressed His love for us by dying on the cross for our sins. 

I am very thankful the Lord didn't just say He loved us in His heart. He expressed it on the cross!! 


What are some ways that you can express your love to the Lord? 


Lord, thank you for not just saying you love us but expressing it. Reveal to us the ways we can express your love to a world that is in desperate need of you.