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Romans 12:1 ( MSG) 

“Take your everyday, ordinary life- your sleeping, eating, going to work and walking around life- and place it before God as an offering.

Creating an Atmosphere of Worship

One day in our home near dinner time, our two oldest kiddos were arguing with one another ( who knows why-ha!), our 3 year old was throwing a tantrum, and our newborn just wanted to be held, so dinner was taking longer than usual to get completed. It was one of those chaotic moments where Brad and I looked at each other and said “See you on the other side."  I could feel the frustration of the present situation starting to get me riled up and I would begin to respond to my family in anger.  So I went and grabbed my phone, connected it to a speaker and just started to blast worship music in our kitchen. Brad and I started to sing and worship loudly. Within a few minutes our kids stopped arguing, Chelsea was wondering what in the world was going on, and Caleb just started to laugh as one of my hands were raised high in the air just taking to Jesus and worshiping. The atmosphere in our home changed instantly. Now did the problem the kids were fighting about change. No. Was my 3 year old any less of a 3 year old? No. Did our clinging newborn's growth spurt change?  No.  Was dinner done yet?  No. But one thing did change. The ATMOSPHERE CHANGED. You see, worship changes the atmosphere! It creates an environment for God to change our perspectives. Setting an atmosphere is critical to all environments of our life. For example, when planning a special date you think atmosphere. Planning a fun birthday party, you think atmosphere. We far underestimate the power of a great atmosphere. Life can be challenging and difficult for all of us, intentionally setting an atmosphere of worship in our daily lives creates space for God to empower us to live above our problems. Jesus never said we would not have problems, but he did promise us to take heart in him, for He has overcome the world!

Consider this: 

What’s the tone or atmosphere at home, at work, and social gatherings? How can an atmosphere of worship change the experience in these areas? 


Lord, help us to see and recognize a need for an atmosphere of worship in our daily lives. We realize when you show up, everything has the possibility of changing; most importantly our perspectives. Lord we pray for all those in our community struggling to catch their breath in their daily lives. We pray for a breath of fresh air to breathe over them this day! Amen.