The Dream Center Leadership Program (DCLP)

The DCLP is exciting and fast-paced.  In this one to two year program you will have the unique opportunity to work side-by-side with our staff as well as with our Senior Pastors, Brad and Stella Reed, leading community outreach, discipling and building the local church.  DCLP will give you hands-on leadership opportunities and experience.  Along with practical leadership training, students will also be challenged to dive deeper into God’s word as they strengthen and develop their relationship with Jesus. 


We are looking for young adults who are willing to dedicate a full 10 months to their relationship with Jesus and the Dream Center.  We desire individuals who know they are called to serve NYC and welcome the challenges of living and working in arguably the greatest city in our nation.  During the first year, students are asked to commit to a no dating policy as we want you to fully focus your time here on God, minimizing as many distractions as possible.  The use of alcohol, tobacco, and illegal drugs are prohibited at all times.


September 2017-July 2018 (Final dates coming soon)